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Her hand gently caressing my cock woke me up. It was nice, but there was no way that was created here again. I looked at yours, that was as loose as mine. However, he was tried, he took one in my mouth and sucked me, it hardens al4a a bit in his mouth moist and hot, he got the message. His head went between my legs and I session, also. We sat and laughed at us half - hard cocks between their legs. I, will have to go, I said, said he has been around for a few days, he said, Do you feel like going back, if you know what I mean, we both laughed. Tomorrow, I replied. I had to go back to my BB and a shower. See you around al4a 10 am. I, II, will be ready, he said. And he was. It was a hot day, I was dressed in the briefest of briefs and shorts. He saw me coming, he opened the door and immediately have to see naked, beautiful art, which he said was, I would Wondra if passes, I felt my cock rising to see her naked body. That is comfortable said, pointing to my shorts, took it off. Wow, I like your underwear, he said, is nt it away by now, were little with my cock. He came and put his arms around me, I could feel his penis fully erect now pressing against my belly. He rubbed against me, I al4a kissed her lips, her tongue in my mouth playing with me. I felt her hand between our bodies go, my penis was in the hands of the straw was very hard now. He moved a bit, hands on hips pushed my panties down, pulled down with them and took my cock in her mouth as I al4a left them. pulled her legs apart, I felt his hands caress the inside of my legs, slowly caress my balls and gently until Squee. He raised his hand between my legs and probed between my cheeks gently with a finger fringes my point. As I said before, it was good. He had to go, now I had grabbed al4a my cock, I thought it was running. He was masturbating with her legs while he gAll my time to get a grip. OK, I again took the cock out of her hand, and that was burning hot rock was in the surf, to my knees and lick the precum oosing axis of the swollen head, wonderful flavor. My mouth opened and took in just touched the shaft with her ​​tongue and lips as I moved up and down. My hands are holding the cheeks, my fingers go between them, proving al4a his love hole. and its tail was always busy in my mouth, but withdrew in time. We sat on the couch, a pause, just touching each other. After a few minutes I said you can have breakfast, my tail when squeesed. It took a second or two to know what he meant. Yes, I said, I'm ready for my first also. He knelt between al4a my legs and took my penis in her mouth, started slowly and then faster and faster. It felt good to feed to the mouth, my cum just came and went, I feel like swallows eagerly. I ate until I went completey. He left my cock and swhen spread on the couch. He held the ball his cock in my mouth I can say that he would feed me. His tail began to shake, I held in my mouth and began to enjoy my breakfast. I really had a lot at night, built it tastes great, I sucked the last drops of his cock softening. We sat on the couch. It's good to share breakfast al4a with a friend, he said. I would like to stay for lunch, I said.
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